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Eirtaku - Irish Anime Community
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Rating: 5.7
User: CuLT!
Last Modified: August 19, 2005
Total Views: 3003
Eirtaku is the largest community of anime fans in Ireland, but is additionally populated by people around the world who share the bizarre trait of both Japanophilia and "Eirophilia"! The forum and chat room are the lifeblood of this community.
Enchanted Silver Meadow
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Rating: 4
User: Ayunax
Last Modified: January 30, 2006
Total Views: 3093
A fan site where you can download anime wallpapers, music, msn icons, buttons, anime brushes and more!
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Rating: 6.5
User: cuddle
Last Modified: September 07, 2007
Total Views: 2112
A growing collection of Anime wallpaper which were made by me and some PNGs I've extracted. Also some manga which I will be scanlating.

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