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Magister Negi Magi
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Rating: 5.7
User: ligreman
Last Modified: February 21, 2005
Total Views: 3899
Web en español dedicada a la serie Magister Negi Magi. Spanish website devoted to Magister Negi Magi anime :)
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Rating: 1
User: k1te_
Last Modified: June 06, 2006
Total Views: 2555
Site with alot of "Tales of" informations, pics, videos and anime musics!
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Rating: 0
User: Ayamari
Last Modified: April 15, 2007
Total Views: 1996
my list on MAL (my anime list).
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Rating: 6.7
User: V4D3R
Last Modified: August 04, 2008
Total Views: 2395
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Rating: 7.6
User: lambchopsil
Last Modified: August 24, 2006
Total Views: 3305
All your manga needs~
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Rating: 0
User: Lezette
Last Modified: November 18, 2007
Total Views: 1811
New scanlation group under mangadownload.net who does Storm Riders, MPD Psycho Vol 11, and more future projects.
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Rating: 7
User: Zephry0
Last Modified: January 05, 2007
Total Views: 2247
This is Megami-Anime Fansub's real site, Megami Visuals. The other site is down. This is current and running.
Mendoan Fansub
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Rating: 5.5
User: orangpelupa
Last Modified: June 01, 2008
Total Views: 2049
mendoan fansub website :D
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Rating: 3.5
User: omikasigi
Last Modified: February 07, 2005
Total Views: 3205
A general anime blog containing some previews and comments on the latest Anime that is shown today.
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Rating: 0
User: Tak0r
Last Modified: July 11, 2006
Total Views: 2557
Site of the German Fansub Group i'm working in!

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