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Naruto Bunshin
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Rating: 6.9
User: winfield
Last Modified: September 18, 2005
Total Views: 10087
This site is has tons of media which includes rmvb and even high quality rm episodes for downloads. It has a premium section that provides tons of media for anime fans. MUST VISIT!
Naruto HQ
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Rating: 6.6
User: NarutoHQ
Last Modified: March 17, 2005
Total Views: 10059
Delivering to you Naruto info, direct downloads of high quality Naruto episodes, Bleach episodes, manga, music + more.
Naruto Pride
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Rating: 6.7
User: majingohan
Last Modified: April 21, 2005
Total Views: 7952
A Naruto Based Fansite Where you can find Anime, Manga and Music downloads ALL DIRECT!
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Rating: 6.9
User: xfobb
Last Modified: March 09, 2005
Total Views: 6613
The best of Naruto anyone's got to offer. Direct download to full episodes, manga, original sound track and much more. All for free!
Nekofamily Forums
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Rating: 7.1
User: Undertaker
Last Modified: June 16, 2005
Total Views: 3692
One of the only few Streamlod Anime Request site that is still public. If you have Streamload account and are looking for old series, Come On Down. Even if you don't have Streamload account, feel free to drop by and disscuss anything from Anime/Manga
Neo Crisis
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Rating: 5
User: jazzking2001
Last Modified: July 16, 2007
Total Views: 1955
#1 Source For Square-Enix, Anime, and Gaming
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Rating: 1.5
User: nicodemus
Last Modified: January 20, 2005
Total Views: 3270
anime and manga reviews, wallpapers, lyrics, ragnarok online, forum
Night walker scans
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Rating: 3.3
User: Night walker scans
Last Modified: August 01, 2008
Total Views: 1970
a scan group that has just started, and has lots of manga to offer!
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Rating: 6
User: wexp0
Last Modified: February 28, 2006
Total Views: 2834
No-Subs - Norwegian anime fansubbing
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Rating: 0
User: PatDaniels
Last Modified: June 08, 2008
Total Views: 1637
Web site of Nocturnal-Subs.

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