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Onibokusu Productions
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Rating: 0
User: Onibokusu
Last Modified: October 10, 2006
Total Views: 2422
Come here and see the updates on my Anime life. This will soon be a Fan-subbing site in due time.
Otakara Island
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Rating: 7
User: leha-sama
Last Modified: January 03, 2008
Total Views: 2138
Where anime happens..
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Rating: 6.8
User: fransu7
Last Modified: September 21, 2008
Total Views: 5866
An italian site where you can find news,review and a fantastic forum! We talk about manga,anime,music,Japan,videogames and more other.
Oyasumi Scans
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Rating: 0
User: xquisitia
Last Modified: September 07, 2006
Total Views: 3455
Kare First Love, Toraware no Minoue, Vampire Knight, Goong, Tongari Root, Hoosamguk High, Koucha Ouji, Max Love, Merupuri, Pretty, Zero Count, Battle Girl Ai, Dakedo Happy Paradise, It's Love, Saiunkoku Monogatari, and SO MUCH MORE!

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