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Fan Websites
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Team Baka
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Rating: 7.1
User: malakith
Last Modified: February 03, 2005
Total Views: 4837
anime and other random news, a fun and active forum and we will rule the world!!!
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Rating: 6.5
User: tekinfo
Last Modified: December 03, 2005
Total Views: 3117
Your Tekkaman Blade Fansource!
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Rating: 7.7
User: TeknomanFan
Last Modified: January 02, 2008
Total Views: 5702
The biggest fan site containing lots of info about Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman, Teknoman / Tekkaman Blade and Tekkaman Blade II. We have wallpapers, fanart, images, music, info on where you can get episodes and much much more! Definitely worth checking out!
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Rating: 7.3
User: Zidayne
Last Modified: September 07, 2006
Total Views: 12319
The biggest fan site for the anime "Teknoman/Tekkaman", It contains wallpapers, images, music, complete series, and much much more! Great site for any Teknoman fan or if you haven't heard of Teknoman before, this site is definitely worth checking out!
Tenkou no Namida
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Rating: 0
User: yuu_sama
Last Modified: June 24, 2008
Total Views: 1749
Various doujinshi and anime subbing site.
The Alperia Media Emporium v.1
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Rating: 6.6
User: Ichiman36
Last Modified: November 02, 2007
Total Views: 1911
This website is in it's beta stage, promising you many different types of anime viewable directly on the forums. Downloadble from DivX. Currently it takes 30 post to reach the anime section. Check it out you won't be disappointed.
The Evil Empire
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Rating: 7.5
User: olena
Last Modified: September 07, 2006
Total Views: 3548
more than 1500 manga's, OSTs, yaoi and e-books available for download.
The Hellsing Project
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Rating: 6.9
User: The Hellsing Project
Last Modified: August 29, 2006
Total Views: 6051
Bringing the community quality Hellsing scanlations.
The Otaku Domain
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Rating: 6.2
User: systemdown
Last Modified: January 12, 2005
Total Views: 3463
a gathering place for otaku across the world to share there love for anime, Conventions, Pictures and more
The SubWire
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Rating: 6.5
User: eaglestorm
Last Modified: September 22, 2007
Total Views: 2528
Offers a means to track all the fansubs including animes, mangas, J-dramas, etc., that you're watching. Great layout with emphasis on the fansub community.

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