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Average Rating: 9

D3Gr8tD3stroyer's Rating:
Story: 9/10
Character: 9/10
Music: 8/10
Animation: 10/10

S1: Mahoro is an android working for Vesper against aliens from another planet. Mahoro is reaching the end of her power, therefore Vesper gives her the remainder of her time to do as she wishes. Mahoro chooses to be a maid and serve Suguru Misato. We as viewers only wonder why, but it will be explained as the series continues. But the series develops as Mahoro works for Suguru while he attends school and etc. You watch their daily lives and watch as Mahoro spends her last few years/days/however you want to call it living happily. Enjoying time with and being acquanted with Suguru's friends along with putting up with the Sensei, Mahoro is also learning the aspects of being human. S2: Continuation of S1. More laughs, more people, and a sister surprisingly. We pick up a short time after S1 finishes and Mahoro and Co. continue living. This series concludes it all basically and we are lead through this whole thing. Not as comical as the last part, we see a major transition from the second to last episode to the last episode. The last episode is set 10yrs later and completely different from once we last left them.


Suguru is just any normal character but with like five different women after him. Putting love aside for friendship is a difficult thing but Suguru knows who is the one for him. Mahoro develops quite well Emotionally she learns love among other things ;). Minawa basically starts from scratch and works her way to being human...along with being literally human. With Suguru's friends and his Sensei, they all develop too but not as much...esp the Sensei.


Ok. OP was nice and soothing. ED was marchy ^_^. Fit well but nothing to be amazed over.


Animation was great. This is a comical series and the animation just captured the whole thing and expressed it nice and clearly. Really enjoyable.


To be honest, I liked the series up until the last episode of S2 then I was in awe with what they did with it. It was disappointing but still it was very much still worth the watch. I recommend it if just for comical purposes. Story is nice to follow along and the action scenes were still decent. The comedy though...yes. =D

Written by: D3Gr8tD3stroyer
Reviewer: eradis

Rating: 9

I really enjoyed watching this anime and I personally prefer the anime before the manga. It has a great story that evolves in a really interesting way :) The characters of Mahoromatics are extremely funny to watch and has a very appaling story that makes you want to watch the series several times. I really enjoyed watching this anime and would gladly recommend it to anyone interested

Submitted on October 12, 2006

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